Company History


Everything started in 1999 in Al Quoz - Dubai where Clean Swift was born as a small facility and laundry business owned by Bin Dasmal Group.
For years we were a medium-size laundry with 12 tons daily business and about 60 employees, serving mainly local hotels catering to GCC customers.
But the things quickly changed and the turning point occurred in 2009 when Clean Swift has been acquired by Bank Alkhair, one of the most important investment banks in the GCC countries. The company starts to expand and evolves it's business significantly capturing some of the most prestigious hotels and chains in the region.
That's where the owners decided to make the big leap by investing in 2012 in a new larger project and facility in DIP 2 to allow the sustenance of the increasing business and success.
Clean Swift has grown rapidly year by year and up to 60 tons daily business with almost 300 employees from different neighboring countries, all skilled and well trained from an European management team and to properly serve the company's demanding customers.
We specialized in hospitality and retail laundry cater to the Dubai market working with most of prestigious and well known international hotel chains and equally proud to be the laundry-of-choice for several people who likes to clean their clothes with an Italian touch, expertise, quality and tradition.
Clean Swift is well known as one of the leaders in the laundry hospitality industry throughout the UAE where its professionalism, reliability and quality are unanimously recognized. This success has attracted many investors who want to get their hands on a business in continuous growth and expansion.
In April 2019, Noon Investment Company specialized in various business sectors, was the first able to close the deal acquiring Clean Swift with the aim of expanding their hospitality sector also in Dubai and with the intent to be one of the laundry market leaders.