We are Clean Swift, one of the leading commercial laundries in UAE and for over 15 years where our customers have chosen us for providing reliable and quality services and for our professionalism and integrity on doing business.
Clean Swift is well equipped with leading laundry German brand machines Kannegiesser and supported by a chemical Belgium partner Christeyns where their cool chemistry technology, precision washing methods and high quality is well known worldwide.
We are proud to be the laundry of choice of many international prestigious hotel chains in Dubai and the reference laundry point for several people who likes to clean their clothes with our European touch, expertise, quality and tradition.
Not yet convinced? Please watch the video, seeing is believing.

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Message from the ceo

I would like to personally thank our valued customers and partners for their continued support of Clean Swift’s services and to anybody will entrust their business to us and considering our services for the present and the future.

I’m leveraging my 20 years of experience in the laundry and hospitality fields between Europe and GCC Countries, to oversee the company’s global strategic vision and to introduce and develop new services to all our existing customers and future ones.

In an era in which everyone proclaims to be the best, we are probably not and not pretending to be, but professionalism, integrity and reliability proudly are instead the cornerstones in our way of working and doing business.

The hospitality industry has weathered a number of challenges in recent years. Through it all, Clean Swift has stood strong and we intend to remain a vocal client advocate, a responsible industry leader and a trusted partner for many decades to come.

Marco Oleotto

Chief Executive Officer